Tuesday, November 10, 2009




  1. This journal has a great turn around time. I submitted an article (both electronically and via FedEx). The decision came back in about a month. They have a phenomenal electronic pipeline so editorial revisions were done on-line and quite efficiently. The open access version was uploaded on the Springer site within a month after the revisions were submitted, but the hard copy has not been published yet.
    A great place to publish with a very good reputation.

  2. My experience. From submission to publication it must have taken about two years, which is excessive considering that the article was accepted without revisions. That was in 1998-2000. Maybe they had a considerable backlog then, or they've improved their turnaround time.

    It's one of the most reputed general literature journals in continental Europe, though largely unknown in the US.

  3. They accepted my submission about a year ago and hasn't been published yet. They have however put it up online, which is a bit obnoxious -- you're article is "out" but it is not because you don't have all bibliographic details.
    This is supposed to be a good journal, but I have recently read pretty bad stuff published here.
    I will not submit anything to them again

  4. I've had one of my best publication experiences with this journal. They took 2 months to peer-review my article and in another month, my article was already published on line. After that, from acceptance it only took 6 months to have my article printed. So the timing is much faster than many or most of the other journals. I recommend this journal to everybody.