Monday, November 9, 2009

Studies in Hispanic Cinema


  1. I submitted an article to this journal recently (about two months ago) and I received the first round of feedback very quickly--within a month. However, the feedback was mean-spirited and unhelpful. I had such high hopes for, if not publication, then helpful comments from some of the top scholars in the field. I was disappointed.

  2. I had a very different experience with this journal than did the first commenter. My original submission (to England, single quotes, punctuation on the outside, please) was acknowledged, then a few months later when I inquired, it seemed to have vanished into the ether. I resubmitted, and this time the feedback (now coming from the west side of the Atlantic) was fairly timely, a few months or so, but very constructive and cordial, leading to a minor reworking, acceptance and overall a very positive feeling about the whole thing.