Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HIOL: Hispanic Issues On Line



  1. Browsing this journal, it looks like each issue is thematic, but are submissions only by invitation? If not, where are the future topics announced?

  2. I published in this journal and it was by invitation-- the proposer of a thematic issue invited potential contributors, and then the entire proposed issue was run by the HIOL editors, who evaluated it and gave feedback/criticism/suggestions for changes and improvement.

  3. They accept proposals for monographic issues, just as they do with their book series, which is a classic in the field. I sent them a proposal for an edited volume and got very professional feedback in six weeks.

  4. I had a wonderful experience with them. Each manuscript goes through the same peer reviewed process that ones that end up in the book series. In fact, you do not know where it is going to end up (online or print) until after they approve the manuscript. Great feedback, wonderful communication.

    While they have an ISSN that labels them as a journal for lack of an alternative "id" instrument, calling it "Journal" is a misnomer. This venue is an Online series. But there is no label other than ISSN or ISBN. I hope the Board considers this in their description in the future.

    Moreover, perhaps HIOL should be listed under "editoriales" in this blog.