Monday, May 30, 2011

International Journal of Iberian Studies,id=140/


  1. They rejected my article, but they were really fast (about 1 week from article submission) and the reader's report (just 1) explained well the reasons for rejection.

  2. I didn´t have a great experience with this journal. One referee liked my article, while the other didn´t. The editor at the time valued the latter opinion more, unfortunately. Its rejection, however, is not my principal qualm; rather it was the discorteous, patronising comments which that particular editor made to me which disconcerted me. She got quite personal. Hope the new editorship is more professional.

    Also, another thought in regard to this journal. It could have more visibility. Intellect, the publishing company in question, does not have an excellent and attractive website. Also, their publication is a little staggered of late, which could be due to a number of problems. However, if these delays continue, it will get a reputation for unprofessionalism.